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I’m Chris Kelly and I’m not your ordinary wedding photographer. I’m a people person and a problem solver. I see every challenge as an opportunity and that means if it happens to be raining, I get ready to capture those epic rain shots.

As no two weddings are the same… Your big day is uniquely yours…

I do not create moments – I patiently wait for them to happen and make the challenges look like intended pure love and fun…

My style is fun and relaxed. It’s a mixture of documentary wedding photography and creative photojournalism.

I’m there to capture happy moments as they naturally unfold, because every wedding is a wonderful and a unique experience. Of course I do take group shots, beautiful portraits of bride and groom, but I do not want to take you away from the guests for too long. I love to take you out whether that’s capturing a romantic sunset or great ambience of your wedding venue keeping this to a minimum, to keep connections between newlyweds and their guests alive.

Photography for me is a lifestyle, which allows us to be ourselves, to see our own efforts. It represents our inspirations and shows that anything is possible. After being married for over a decade I still find myself looking back on my wedding day and still amazed where it has taken me but more than that… I’m excited to see what tomorrow holds for us. I truly believe that the confidence and courage obtained from being married allows to me walk tall and take every challenge as an opportunity.


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